Swiss Dermyl Vitaminic Facial-This Facial stimulates dull and devitalised skin,and gives it more radiance. The mask used moisturises with extracts of algae, and the Vitamin C from Acerola boosts skin renewal, revitalises and brightens the skin. Active ingredients: Algae extracts, Vitamin C from Acerola, Vitamins A,E,B5 andB6

  1. The Vitaminic Facial starts off with a double clense using Swiss Dermyl gentle clenser which has a velvety milk for removing make up thouroughly with out affecting the hydro lipidic film of the epidermis. Active ingridients: jojoba oil extracts of horse chestnut chamolile mallow and caladula.
  2. A gentle exfoliation with Swiss Dermyl gentle exfoliator (steam optional) is carried out which is used to diffuse redness and free from abrasive particles it gently removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. This enables the complextion to brighten up and wrinkles to soften allowing the skin to become more receptive to the active ingridients that follw in the massage.
  3. The facial massage designed by Gemz Louise is carried out using Swiss Dermyl rose massage honey which is rich in pure rose essential oil leaving skin deeply moisturised and a natural rose scent left on the skin without stickiness . The rose contains anthocyanosides which prevent elastin dehydration and also rich in linoleic acid known to promote cell membranes.
  4. After the massage the Vit C ampoule is applied then mask which moisturises with extracts of algae.
  5. The mask is removed using warm mitts repair serum is applied then the Swiss Demyl Hydro vitale cream and you are left feeling relaxed and refreshed. 

Each facial is designed specifically for each client after the consultation on the day and certain products may be added or exchanged to suit your paticular skin.

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