Glycolic Peel Treatment

Glycolic Peel Treatment

Glycolic peeling is a chemical treatment designed to improve the thicker, more clogged skin types. Usually any area of sun damage, mottled hyper-pigmentation and very fine wrinkling may be improved with glycolic peeling.  Most commonly the face, neck and décolletage are the targeted areas for such peeling.

This treatment has no downtime but it is reccomended to use 50 spf for at least 2 weeks after treatment then min 30 spf there after and avoid sun exposure which can be discussed in the consultation.

The treatment consists of a quick cleanse using the Novita cleansing cream to prepare the skin and then the peel is applied for up to 10 mins using a facial brush.

The peel is removed and Swiss dermyl Hydro Vitale Cream applied

(Note this treatment is only carried out on its own and at least 2 weeks gap before or after other treatments needed)

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