The Citris Spamanicure® and Almond Spamanicure® Luxuriant, revitalizing and soothing CND® SPAMANICURE® Systems exfoliate, refine and moisturize hands. Stimulate your senses.

Gemz Louise has always loved doing Manicures and the best bit about a good maicure is the products used and the total relaxation they provide with the massage ( which is always the best bit).

Gemz has chosen the renowned CND Manicurespa® products and you can choose from the citris spamainicure® or the almond spamanicure® each are amazing its just the chioce of scent your nose prefers see below for more info on the products.

What you get with a Spamaicure® Treatment 

  1. When you arrive for a Manicure both hands will be sanitised, nails cut and shaped CND cuticle softener applied to each nail and  then both hands placed in separate relaxing hand spa bowls with your spamanicure® soak of choice.
  2. You will then have your cuticles treated on each hand and any dead surface cuticle on the nail bed removed. (No cutting of live tissue is carried out)
  3. The spamaincure® scrub of your choice will be applied onto your hands then removed with warm mitts and the the spamainicure® mask of your choice applied to hands and inserted into warm mitts then removed with warm mitts ready for the massage.
  4. Using the spamaicure® scent of choice a hand /wrist massage up to the elbows is carried out.
  5. Your nails are wiped and Vinylux Polish applied (This is optional) and Award-winning SOLAROIL® nail & cuticle oil is dripped onto the nails

The spamanicure® products are amazing and they smell divine this is the most relaxing manicure Gemz has created.




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