Swissdermyl Facials - Salon Exclusive

Gemz uses Swissdermyl products in her clinic.

Swissdermyl offers over 30 years of expertise in professional, advanced skin care.

Swissdermyl is a high performance skin care range combining the benefits of refined plant extracts, essential oils and state of the art chemistry. Swissdermyl laboratories use only the most effective ingredients with an affinity for healthy skin. 

Each product is tested using a unique process called ‘polysensorial analysis’ to ensure the textures are exquisite on any kind of skin. Swissdermyl creams are like wearing cashmere. The masks are voluptuous to apply, the serums are velvet on the skin and the cleansers are silky light to the touch.

Each Facial is bespoke, adapted to meet the needs of each individual client. However, there are four main types that Gemz does, each targrting specific areas and suiting different skin tones. For more information on the Facials click below, contact or book now


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